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Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier, France

"All of our furnitures are made by Binome, in our workshop in France."
In the contemporary creative landscape, where the boundaries between Art & Design are becoming more porous each day, the four hands of Binome have been at work for some years now, developing a singular style with great artistic sensibility. The resulting pieces of furniture are unique yet always functional, poetic but always with their own distinct identity.Design, sculpture, creative crafts… Moving between generous curves inspired by organic materials and taut lines, the Binome duo above all love to shape volumes, work with matter, and experiment with new manufacturing processes to create exceptional and unique pieces, all made by hand in their workshop nestling at the heart of the Burgundy countryside.With their sense of curiosity as keen as ever, they have been able to explore new creative territories and develop pieces with a unique aesthetic, which often appeal to international collectors and knowledgeable lovers of fine furniture.This total mastery of their art enables them to meet the most demanding requests and take on personalised projects, from small items of occasional furniture to monumental pieces.Welcome to Binome’s world of refined sensibilities…
Wescover creator since 2021

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