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Binho Ribeiro - Street Murals and Public Art
Binho Ribeiro
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Binho Ribeiro

SP, Brazil

Binho Ribeiro has graffiti since 1984, the beginnings of the street art movement in Brazil. Today he is one of the most recognized street artists in the country not only for the consistent work he has never stopped doing on the streets, but also for the accurate work on canvases and curating of great projects involving street art , such as the Open Museum of Urban Art of São Paulo (MAAU) , the first open urban art museum in the world, and the International Biennial Graffiti Fine Art, now the most complete biennial of urban art in the world.

Fabio Luiz Santos Ribeiro (1971), aka Binho Ribeiro, is one of the precursors of street art in Brazil. Influenced by the more intense movement that came from the ghettos of New York in the mid-80s (especially among hip hop, skate and break groups), along with friends from the scene of São Paulo, Binho began to dig his space not only in Brazil, as he was already taking advantage of trips to South America to make his mark on the walls.

Since then, his technical improvement has been accompanied by professionalization. His works have gained space both on the streets and in galleries around the four corners of the world. Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Turin, Rochester, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Beijing, Amsterdam, Brussels, Beirut, Santiago, Buenos Aires, Osaka, Accra, among many other countries, plus virtually all Brazilian states were the scene of his work.

He created a cultural production company to structure and disseminate urban art in Brazil, developing custom projects for companies such as Johnnie Walker, Burn (Coca-Cola Company), P & G, Ford, Nestlé, and partnerships with great international artists such as Madonna.

Binho Ribeiro Instagram: @binho3m