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Big Daddy's Antiques - Lighting and Furniture
Big Daddy's Antiques
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Big Daddy's Antiques

Los Angeles, CA

Big Daddy’s Antiques offers one-of-a-kind antiques and reproductions from Europe, Asia and North America. Having established roots in Los Angeles in 1996, Big Daddy’s Antiques serve the San Francisco, Aspen, Seattle and Houston markets for interior designers, set decorators, landscape architects, photographers, event planners, as well as enthusiastic art and design lovers.

With nearly twenty years of expertise in the interior decorating & landscape design fields, their scope reaches beyond simply selling antiques. Each showroom provides a unique atmosphere for event and photo-shoot space rental. Big Daddy’s Antiques in-house team of welders, wood-workers, refinishers, and design professionals, affords Big Daddy’s the ability to collaborate with clients and create custom pieces of furniture and lighting at a client’s direction.