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Campania, Italy

Bifido is an Italian artist who uses art to create a strong impact on social issues such as war, violence, capitalism, religion, and childhood. His work seems animated by a game instinct. That he exists is the world like a builder of sandcastles by the sea: he creates, the sea destroys, he again creates. Compound images involve things that happen in the world or socially significant attitudes. He usually portrays children. This choice is not accidental: the child, like the animal, represents the other, something that can never be totally absorbed because it escapes the codifications. A child, however obedient, retains something elusive not yet decided, which lingers on the threshold of the possible. The humanity of his works is sad and problematic but preserves the possibility that things are different. After all, the message is simple, everyone has the creative power of a child playing. He uses paste-up techniques (paper, glue, photos, and paint).
Wescover creator since 2020

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