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Bhavna Misra

Fremont, CA

Bhavna Misra has been painting since she was a little girl. She grew up in a small Himalayan town in India surrounded by tall pine trees, snowy mountains, lush valleys, clear-water lakes, and diverse wildlife that left a lasting impact on her artistic endeavors. Her passion for art was further reinforced by continued encouragement from her parents. She never doubted that she’d be a painter one day!

As she graduated with a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from SJSU, Bhavna continued to paint on the side. In her mind science and art were never separate – “Science is the art of accuracy, and the technique of art is certainly a science of creativity,” and she was equally good at both. Bhavna says she applies the knowledge of light and its effect to all her pieces. She routinely tries to explore ways to break down the entire process of painting and color mixing just like solving algorithms and theorems.

Bhavna believes that not studying art formally gave her a chance to develop her own style, and to live in the spirit of a lifelong student. She learns every day by practicing and experimenting. Bhavna has a special interest in doing portraits. She feels that a portrait bonds the artist and the subject in a way such as to give a sense of ownership to both.

After working in technical field for many years, Bhavna eventually quit her 9 to 5 job, and returned to doing art full time. She has been displaying her work ever since at various exhibitions. She is an art contractor for the Alameda County Library System, and she owns and operates Bhavna Misra Art Studio. Bhavna is also professionally affiliated with Fremont Art Association.

She lives in Fremont, Bay Area and online at
Wescover creator since 2017

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