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Betty Chung Ceramics

Auckland, New Zealand

Betty Chung a registered architect, designer and ceramic artist, currently working as an architect by day and as a ceramic artist by night. Her ceramic work is a synthesis of art and architecture, exploring forms by their materiality and texture through 2 & 3 dimensions expressing form and the creation of sculptural yet usable objects.

She began her interest in ceramic in 2008 through involvement at the Auckland Potters Studio, working alongside with some world-class Ceramic Artists.
From this early work she recognised the importance of expressing her Asian heritage, fused with her up-bringing within Western culture. It is from this bi-cultural aspect that characterises her ceramic and architectural work.

Betty has exhibited her work both in Australia and New Zealand. Betty’s work are now found about the world from a unique commission for an exclusive dinner set for a 60m luxury super yacht, Athos, to commission in restaurants, to sales at the Te Uru Gallery, Tauranga Gallery and other local retails, cafes and restaurants.
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