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Betsy Kendall

Betsy Kendall

Berkeley, CA

My earliest inspiration came from looking at living things. They served as an anchor to the constant change I experienced as a Foreign Service kid. My mother showed me clever little plants, pretty rocks, goldfish in our garden in Japan. When we lived in Madrid, we got to see Velasquez paintings. Standing in the room at the Prado devoted to Las Meninas magnetized me to the shared world in the painted scene. Where is Home? Here, with you and me. I look to David Park and friends, Joan Mitchell and Pierre Bonnard for guidance, as well as to my teacher Robert Bechtle.
Brush marks scaffold my work. I learned the abstract expressionist process from my teachers at Mills: abstract ideas don’t appeal. For me, the subjects of real life are surprising and exciting aplenty. As experience comes out in paint, it becomes something new. In my work, you see the motion of looking and creating it took to put it there.

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