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Betsey Carter

Betsey Carter

Los Angeles, CA

For thousands of years people of nearly every civilization have used pottery in their daily lives - to cook and serve food, store provisions, and protect valuables. These utilitarian pots, carefully crafted to suit the lives they led, were also objects of great beauty. I see my work as continuing this tradition of making beautiful objects for everyday life. The philosophy guiding my work is the premise of William Morris, of the British Arts and Crafts movement, that the objects surrounding us should be useful and beautiful. I love knowing that the pottery I make will hold food at dinner tables, display flowers from gardens, or steep restorative pots of tea.

Working in porcelain and stoneware fired to cone 10 in reduction, I explore and exploit the strength and fluidity of the clay, striving for clean lines and simplicity of form, suggesting a contemporary feel to a traditional art form.

Starting with wheel thrown forms, I often alter shapes, add hand built lids and spouts, or combine multiple parts. I use inlaid slip (mishima), slip trailed or brush-worked underglazes, and overglazes as decoration. My glazes fall into two palettes - delicate matt or glassy white and celadon and vibrant purple, turquoise, red, and black.

I received a B.A. from Agnes Scott College, and my M.Ln. from Emory University. My additional studies include: Gibbes Museum School (SC), with Susan Filley; Arrowmont School of Crafts (TN), with Julia Galloway; Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (ME), with George Bowes and with Philippe Barde.

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