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Bespoke To You

London, United Kingdom

Bespoke Art and signwriting for a variety of occasions and uses! Window art and wall murals, chalkboard art and signs, lettering on walls or other surfaces, Logos recreated and hand painted.

Katie Clayton - Graphic Artist
Art has always been my passion, it has always been the thing that I naturally gravitate towards, and it followed me even when I thought I wouldn’t end up doing it for a living!
After studying at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, I began to teach myself sign writing on the side of a regular job, and began charging for little jobs here and there. Over the years I became prolific at hand painted custom lettering, window and chalkboard art for a very niche selection of customers, in what was supposedly becoming a dying trade!
Having refined some of the more technical aspects of my Artwork, I began to design logos and create unique and practical bespoke commissions, taking my work to the next level.
I began to build my business in London working with some iconic clients such as the world-renowned Fortnum & Mason, where I was the resident sign-writer for a time.
Wescover creator since 2020

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