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Belinda Nadwie

Belinda Nadwie

Sydney, Australia

"“Ultimately, my paintings symbolise the power of the mind in choosing a positive outlook despite what are often challenging circumstances in life. The works are energetic, and I like to think that my abstracts all have a sense of enduring optimism, . It’s about being at peace with oneself, being present in the moment and embracing light and positivity.”"
Belinda Nadwie creates abstract landscapes that traverse emotional, psychological and spiritual experience.

Working with oil paint, charcoal, spray paint and oil crayons, she captures a spectrum of moods – from quiet, melancholy moments of indigo and teal to swathes of Persian pink and saffron. The viewer can choose where they sit in this vast spectrum of emotion; whether they gravitate towards the darkness or the light.

The artist paints intuitively without preconception, each work reading like a painterly stream of consciousness, a reflection upon her inner world and the evocative tones of the Australian landscape. Her paintings capture a fleeting moment in time, portraying the mood and the inspiration of that particular moment of inspiration. The artworks come together spontaneously in a colourful union of light, colour and texture.

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