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Aimah Hashem

Miami Beach, FL

"visual music"
Aimah Hashem
Multimedia artist. 

She transforms materials to create a unique artistically language, taking contemporary experiences and establishing a new conscience with her pop art, capturing frequencies through the embedded musical metaphors; with a unique palette of colors, she creates exciting sensations for the spectator to design their reality. She works with an extensive catalog of materials such as spray paint, oil, wood, fabric, glass, acrylics, car paint, and more. She likes to play with two lines of work: fine art and urban art.

In the past years, Aimah has worked for brands like Virgin Mobile Mexico, Cerveza Indio, Doritos, among others. Collectors such as Richard Branson, Marty Kotis, and others own and admire her work.

Aimah has participated in multiple collective exhibitions between Mexico and the USA. Her first solo exhibition presented at the Four Points by Sheraton, Mexico City, Roma. “Mmmbop” is the star piece of the collection presented in 2015, called “Greatest Hits.” With Mmmbop’s unique originality leading to its significant success, it became the featured item of Instyle Mexico’s digital launching campaign before continuing onto touring many galleries throughout the United States.

Between 2016 and 2019, She participated in numerous exhibitions in Florida y Utah. Her work published in the 18th edition of (t)here magazine from New York. Aimah regularly holds yearly exhibits in the renowned Art Basel Miami since 2015.

In 2019 she went on tour in cities such as Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, New York, and Miami. Her first immersive experience pops up show “Heaven” was presented at the Hawthorne Lofts in Charlotte, NC, mixing music, food, controlled smells, light, art, and interior design. Her first pop-up show “haven” an immersive experience with which she managed to combine lights, music, food, smells, art, and interior design to generate a controlled environment where attendees experienced what she described as heaven in Charlotte NC.
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