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Barlow & Barlow Design Ltd. / Lucy Sear Barlow - Interior Design and Renovation
Barlow & Barlow Design Ltd. / Lucy Sear Barlow
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Barlow & Barlow Design Ltd. / Lucy Sear Barlow

London, United Kingdom

The Studio: Barlow & Barlow is a British interior design studio known for its dual expertise in decoration and lighting. Lucy Barlow set up the Holland Park practice in September 2013 with her brother, Max, the studio’s in-house lighting designer. Lucy quickly gained a reputation for creating spaces that are both youthful and exuberant. One of the few studios to offer a complete interior architecture, decoration and lighting service, it playfully reinvents the traditional English interior for a young and dynamic clientele from London to Dublin & Marbella. Barlow & Barlow’s living interiors are an antidote to the blandness of the instant house look. Its boldly eclectic schemes feature custom sourced art, antiques and bespoke furnishing often designed together with the client. With an academic grounding in fashion and interiors, Lucy designs her schemes with a fearless and luxurious sense of print, pattern and colour. The studio takes a similarly decorative approach to lighting and installs every project with warmth and vibrancy.
Alongside their extensive portfolio of international interior projects, Barlow & Barlow produce a burgeoning collection of bespoke and limited edition decorative objects, custom lighting, and furniture including scented candles and artisanal ceramic lamps handmade in Finland.
Our Logo, The Pineapple: Few symbols are as potent as the pineapple. This exotic fruit, first discovered on Christopher Columbus’s 1493 voyage to the New World, is emblematic of lavish hospitality. Quickly making its way onto royal tables, during the 16th Century pineapple growing became a competitive sport amongst the elite, with tropical hothouses springing up in grand estates across Europe. At the coronation of the Prince Regent, who enjoyed one of the most extravagant-ever royal banquets, there was a prize-winning pineapple weighing in at some 10.5 pounds. This once rare fruit remains a popular motif in architecture and interiors and is perfectly in accord with Barlow & Barlow’s gregarious philosophy of exuberant interiors where clients can live, dream and entertain.