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Bärbel Smith

Lancaster, Canada

"Contemporary Canadian Landscape Paintings"
Bärbel was born in Germany and immigrated to Canada with her family as a child. She has always loved painting, even early on – and the Canadian landscape captured a fascination within her. She grew up near Huntsville, Ontario with its numerous lakes, forest, hills and rocks. Here she spent her spare time sketching and painting.

Since then, she has travelled from coast to coast capturing the colours, light, and joy in her depiction of the Canadian landscape; focusing on the emotive use of colour and line – erasing extraneous details and infusing her paintings with a spiritual vision. Numerous layers of glazing give her paintings a glow - as if lit from within.

Artists Statement
My subject matter is the Canadian landscape and my method is smoothly applied paint whether acrylic or oil. I strive to see beyond the busy surface of things and capture the light, colours and shapes of this numinous land. While each painting is inspired by on-site plein-air studies and sketches; the final result pushes the boundaries to something more transcendent, more spiritual.

Painting is a form of communication for me, communication between heaven and earth. A way for my soul to reach out and touch the immortal; to catch a fleeting glimpse of God.
Wescover creator since 2020

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