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Ayna Paisley

Ayna Paisley

London, United Kingdom

"My work is paint and paper intertwined in a quirky mix of elusive moment and aching nostalgia. I love working with found vintage photos and paintings of old masters embedding them in my own paintings and creating a new narrative. By cooperating with painters and photographers through time I’m searching answers to questions - are memories best left untouched, a perfect record of the past? Or are they something to be part of our present?"
Ayna Paisley is a self-taught mixed media & collage artist based in London, UK. Having started her journey with a very traditional approach to art, she now explores the possibilities and depth that mixed media bring to her projects. Her main focus lays in working with paper, particularly collage, as well as a more varied body of work including large format canvas. Her primary media include acrylics, pencils, crayons and paper.

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