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Wollongong, Australia

Art has been an ongoing practice throughout my entire life and has ultimately led to my full-time profession, to which I am deeply grateful for. Typically my practice involves the creation of digital artwork that is then further expressed through aerosol in the form of murals and canvas artwork. I was born and raised on the south coast of NSW however found my artistic roots within the thriving Melbourne graffiti scene at the age of 14. Actively involved in the scene for over 8 years I decided it was time to channel my focus into creating art full-time.

With no formal art education, I have always followed my curiosity and intuition as the driving force for my creative practice.

Countless hours of research have led to my artistic wealth of knowledge and despite this, am always looking to improve and refine the work I create.

As a visionary artist, I have vowed to devote my life to creating artwork that reveals the spiritual framework, magnitude and healing potential of the psychedelic experience after experiencing states of awareness no words can even begin to describe. I have witnessed the evaporation of time itself and been completely separated from my physical body. Deeply challenged and moved by these experiences, they are now and will always be the basis of my subject matter.

Art is undoubtedly my strongest connection to the unspeakable realm. We're words defy me, my art will not.

Whether you have experienced the divine firsthand or remain untouched, I hope my art brings love and light to you and your life.

My artwork is constantly evolving and experimentation is what has continued to push my artwork and me as an artist.

I welcome discomfort as it is usually where the greatest discoveries can be found. My creative process is rather simple, what artwork would I like to see? Whether it is getting lost in my music or welcoming visions while I meditate I open myself up to let art move through me. My aim is to create artwork that honors the divine light in me and raises people up that view it.

My greatest inspiration comes from within, knowing that my purpose as a visionary artist is to convey the spiritual pathway in as much accuracy and detail as I possibly can. In doing this, I give people that have seen a chance to once again view the familiar and offer a first-hand view to those that have not. External motivation comes from the greatest visionary artists of our time, people that continue to confront the psychedelic experience with great courage and express its true nature, one that has the best intentions for humankind.
Wescover creator since 2019

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