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Atelier Insolite

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

"Contemporary furniture & Art"
Romain Luppi

When I was very young, I developed a love of wood in contact with my dad, a sculptor in his spare time. We shared long Sundays to shape the material to sublimate it and give birth to small objects, precious witnesses of this transmission of knowledge.

Then, quite quickly I took off and left 6 months a year to discover the world in search of knowledge and inspirations. My journeys led me, from Brazil to New Zealand, via Madagascar, the Lebanese or even Alaska. Strong of memories, rich of images, I now wanted to share my know-how of passionate cabinetmaker and my ideas.

This desire to create associated with my love of wood, but also with a certain rigor and meticulousness, are at the origin of my creations.

2014 - 2017 In training for obtaining a federal cabinetmaking certificate

2013 - 2016 Creation of Atelier Insolite Ebénisterie

2003 - 2008 CFC in cabinetmaking
Wescover creator since 2019

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