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Atelier Bespoke

Mumbai, India

From A Purely Corporate Point Of View
Atelier Bespoke offers you a choice of furniture parts, and other decorative objects for your project's contracts, hospitality …
Many customization options are available to you. The Indian market allows us to offer you beautiful objects, made of noble materials at very advantageous prices.
On the other hand, we put at your disposal many craft techniques for the production of your customized objects, with a required MOQ. From 10 pieces most often.
We take a lot of pleasure to share our taste for beautiful materials and promote Indian craftsmanship. We wish to go towards the production of an imperishable object.
We accompany the craftsmen in the workshops for the development and the realization of your prototypes as well as in follow-up of production, to guarantee you an optimal result.
We make available to our customers a large number of craft techniques, some are no longer available in Western countries.
We protect you against the pitfalls of trade with The Sub-Continent because we are on the spot. We make the process smooth.
We share with our customers the same aesthetics and the same ethics.
We can guarantee for example delivery times, thanks to our knowledge of the Indian calendar, to guarantee the quality of the basic materials used, thanks to the in situ control of the suppliers.

From A Philosophical Point Of View
Atelier Bespoke is a vessel that allows us to flourish as a link in a creative chain. Through beautiful encounters, both with our talented clients and with the craftsmen capable of the technical process of which they are too often unaware of beauty and value.
In the near future, a portion of LFS’s income will be devoted to education and ecological awareness of children in rural areas of India through a foundation called Purusha, and research and development of solutions for the use of waste ( plastics and those related to production) and integrate them into the production of furniture and decorative objects without compromising their aesthetics.

In Indian philosophy Prakrti is the perceptible material that changes, moves, evolves, it is the field of competence in which evolves Atelier Bespoke.
Its complementary counterpart is Purusha, the immaterial world, the universal principles that govern the visible and invisible world, to which we all belong as the materials that we tear from the earth to make objects.

From the creation of the furniture and the delivery of food and beverages, and that should always prevail.
Driven by our thirst to learn and experience, we want to build a deep sense of purpose and understanding of the quality of the relationship between all members of our trade.
The Purusha Foundation will be an indispensable provider of meaning, a sign of gratitude for all that we receive.

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