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New York, NY

Asthetíque Group™ is a multifaceted international design firm that harnesses its innate creativity and intuition to achieve distinguished works of art throughout various industries. Design is nonlinear in nature and being a dynamic company is essential when creating comprehensive projects.

Julien Albertini and Alina Pimkina created Asthetíque Group™ to pay homage the world of design. We know that design is a byproduct of our ever-shifting need of functional tools. History took its course and humans molded rudimentary inventions to not only increase ergonomics but to also differentiate technologies through its aesthetic. The need for design is evident and the visionaries that execute on the numerous principals needed to complete an assignment are those who continue to benchmark for future advancements.

We are comprised of four key verticals: Asthetíque, No Name Branding, Atelier by Asthetíque, and Asthetíque Hospitality. Each company can function as single note or together as a harmonious chord. Through our diversity, our holistic approach bolsters the design and construction processes integral to each project’s success.
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