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Asia Ward

Minnesota City, MN

"I work within the realms of industry and education, designing accessible educational resources and artwork communicating complicated systems such as the power grid, renewable energy and climate change"

This artist works with industry and education:

By communicating complicated systems like the power grid through art and social practice.

The Plume Project is a symbol of the collaboration between Public Art St. Paul, District Energy St Paul, Ever-Green Energy, the Science Museum of Minnesota, artists, community members, and financial supporters. By working with a power plant, a museum, and the city art program, three artists developed creative ways to publicly communicate an industrial material and process, encouraging contemplation, learning and interaction

By designing accessible K-12 educational resources about renewable energy using artistic mediums

REcharge Labs provides opportunities and resources for learners to creatively explore wind and solar power by engaging and inspiring today’s K-12 students, educators, makers, and tinkerers to become the renewable energy leaders of tomorrow. For six years, her role as the Managing Director was to spearhead wind and solar education across the nation by training teachers, developing lessons and kits, and by providing an online platform for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

By working in museums and libraries, providing facilitated programs and exhibits that promote playful learning and exploration

For seven years she was a specialist in professional development, facilitation, learning tool prototyping, coordination of fee based camps and classes, program development, lesson development and volunteer training at the Science Museum of Minnesota in the Learning Technologies Center. She also works with public libraries which allows her to provide continuing education for teens and adults in the most accessible platform available. Additionally she works with after school centers and parks.
Wescover creator since 2020

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