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Ashley Nason

Loveland, CO

My current work explores the evolution of our environment and the changes in the existence of the natural world as a result of overconsumption, pollution, and misuse of natural resources. My current body of work goes further to explore nostalgia, fear, ambivalence, and resistance of technology in our current age. Notions of romanticism in relation to travel, isolation, and remoteness play out in my narratives. I envision places in which there is a struggle to embrace these romantic ideologies and yet a necessity to do so. In most instances, this struggle is embodied in animals and their plight to survive. In other works the residual spaces and structures indicate the pursuit to exist in harmony with an unstable environment. Structures and events such as spewing oil, falling black rain, smoking towers, and dark looming clouds suggest that these depicted narratives and landscapes are a result of human intervention. The structures that reside or travel through a number of potentially volatile environments indicate a strategy of reinvention or re-purposing of materials to create quasi-living spaces and encampments that are just as temporal and elusive as the spaces they inhabit. In most instances. the animals signify the search and promise of pioneering expansion and exploration as they are found to be embracing, fleeing from, or held captive in a perilous state. This collision of human construct and nature is exploited to reveal a fragile and unbalanced state that exists in nature. These narratives depict the real, the unreal, the tangible, and the intangible to formulate landscapes serving as metaphors for an ever-changing world in which much of life on earth has been used, damaged, and depleted.
Wescover creator since 2018

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