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Brooklyn, NY

"ASH is premised on the joining of historically compatible disciplines in one company and under one roof. We aspire to bridge the worlds of interior design and property development, while embracing related opportunities to design products, furniture, brands and experiences."
At ASHNYC, we are in the business of creating both aesthetic and economic value for our partners, our clients and for ourselves. Our company is built from a team of individuals with deep experience in the fields of finance, interior design, architecture, urban planning and fine arts. The union of these points of view forms the foundation of our interdisciplinary practice. We aim to demonstrate that the inherent tension between capital and design can be harnessed to further the goals of both. The intersection of commerce and art is the dynamic core of our business. We find inspiration in the confluence of history and innovation. The past lends us the wisdom of civilizations before us; the future is limitless with the possibility of what has yet to be imagined. Our persistent goal is to leverage our resources to create and deliver the most exceptional product possible in every sector and market where we operate.
Wescover creator since 2019

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