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Artnwordz - Paintings and Art
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Los Angeles, CA

Artnwordz is a unique pop art company A.K.A the couple Michaela Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen.

They save water, fire and spine broken damaged books and use these original sources, which are up to 130 years old as canvases to create their artwork. One of the top words will always match the images and the images match the paper! This makes each a unique one of a kind piece of art.

Micha is originally from Berlin Germany where she was a professional map maker, then in the U.S a graphic designer and professionally celebrity jewelry designer before putting her artistry to work with Grant. Grant is a professional Broadway musical theater actor (all over the U.S and the world) and in addition to his professional photography and graphic design.

The couple brings their balance and sensibilities together to create their unique designs which are featured in many galleries, hotels and children's hospitals throughout the US, internationally and in private collections as commission pieces.

All originals are created by hand using mixed media artistry on the paper itself. They are also offered as signed, numbered limited edition and can reach up to 7 'in lengths!