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Greensboro, NC

"illustrator, painter, muralist"
I am an award-winning Indian descent freelance artist based in Greensboro, NC, USA. I am an illustrator, painter, and mural artist. I have done BFA from India and for 2 decades have been a professional artist.

My Art has always been influenced by myths. I draw and paint in the figurative genre. I am fascinated by the mythical characters of my culture and other cultures also. I like the stories of characters who are emotional like humans but powerful like Gods. My strong interest in Indian myths, ancient texts, and astrology influenced my approach towards life and art. My early artworks realistically represented some mythical characters in acts of bravery, as I tried to inspire myself and others through these figures to fight the odds, to be brave, to do the karma. Although these characters were not painted like their traditional representation. Symbols like circles, wheels, triangles, and arrows have been part of my imagery for long as symbols of cycles of life, spirituality, and Karma (efforts).

I mostly drew powerful athletic figures with an emphasis on the anatomy and grace of the body. Sometimes I would draw the figures with bold black outlines which is an Asian influence and on other occasions, I paint with modeling and shading which is a western influence on my art. My palette has remained majorly warm. The characters, the faces, the figures help me tell the stories and emotions I want to convey and I believe it also helps the viewers to read, relate and connect to the characters on the canvas.

After being transplanted in America in 2018, my art underwent significant change. I started stylizing the figures and made them stretchy and elongated doing away from the strictness of anatomy. The palette also started including both warm and cool colors creating a contrast. A contrast of two worlds…polarities…I believe it is an effect of stretching my life from one end of the globe to the other. My identity dissolved and resurfaced with new cultural influences and challenges. Hence, I am now working on the subject of illusions in my work through a mix of realistic and stylized depictions of figures and faces. My current project is about myths and Maya (Sanskrit word for illusion). Maya is a feminine word and is also represented as a beautiful enchantress in many Indian myths, thus the new series of drawings and paintings have a lot of female faces and figures. The ancient Indian texts alluded to human life as ‘Maya’ and that we all are fascinated by the charm of ‘Maya’, the life.

In my recent project, I paint people floating in dreamland, in an illusory world. I elongate the limbs to achieve a flow of movement in figures. So you will see long curved necks, stretchy arms, and legs bending without bones as if they are following a flow of curved lines. In some of the naturalistic works, I paint the faces of people who stare at you in a sad mood making you wonder why these beautiful people are sad? I am trying to reflect on the impact of illusions in life through these faces. I have started including the Indian puppets as a symbol of humans being ruled by destiny in large and society in a smaller sense, while it also is an icon to hold on to my cultural identity. I often use a jarring flat doodle eye on a real face to question the “real and unreal” in life and at the same time questioning the aesthetics I am playing with.zz

I believe, when people look at my art they relate to the characters, their struggles, and playfulness, no matter which country or time the artworks are viewed
Wescover creator since 2019

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