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Although we have only been friends since 2005, it feels like we have been friends all along, even as we grew up in different locales--Minnesota and Montreal.

We landed in Indiana and became friends through our mutual passion for the arts, fashion, food, and travel. Growing up we didn’t go anywhere without pencils and markers, doodling and drawing on everything from people and portraits to flowers and trees, finding patterns and beauty in our everyday surroundings. We loved to draw and eventually took our pursuits to canvas and beyond.

We are both devoted to the arts, whether creating and viewing art or making and listening to music. We paint from life, and inside our minds, and from photos we take that speak to us in some way. We see the beauty in the spectacular and mundane and attempt to capture it on canvas, a challenge and pursuit giving us great pleasure. We hope to spread beauty and kindness through our endeavor.
Wescover creator since 2020

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