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Art Aia - La Dolce Berlin

Berlin, Germany

"Art Aia - La Dolce Berlin is a project space, in the field of contemporary art, located in the turkish area of Wedding that hosts artists from all over the world and give them an opportunity to showcase their work in the city of Berlin."
Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin is located in the site of an old Späti in the area of Wedding.The venue has an exhibiting room with a shop window and a guest room to accommodate the visiting artist while working on opening their art shows. Within the structure there is also a bathroom, an extra sleeping room and a kitchen. Art Aia-La Dolce Berlin is a presentation space, a Pop-up Gallery where artists can showcase their works in a familiar and intimate atmosphere while having an opportunity to get to know Berlin´s lively artistic scene. La Dolce Berlin also organizes social dinners and wine tastings promoting Italian food and wine in particular from northern region Friuli Venezia Giulia. Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin is also an independent production company currently specializing in documentaries and low-end narratives with themes including: nature, creativity, art and gender equality.
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