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Arrti Mansinghka

Mumbai, India

"My work is an attempt to use textile waste meaningfully and re-embrace it back into the circle of creativity; to look at things with a new perspective and find sustainable solutions through creativity and invention."
“The possibilities of working with textiles are limitless and magical”, says artist Arrti Mansinghka, who l as she speaks of her textile works that span subjects from landscapes, seascapes to flora, fauna and human portraits. Each of these works is created from layers and layers of scrap fabrics that she painstakingly sources and then cuts in strips to create a collage.

Arrti works in an intuitive way and finds it very inspiring to experiment. Bold and vivid use of forms, patterns and structural integrity is a constant feature in all her works, invoking moods and memories to complement tactile qualities.

She collaborates with architects, interior designers and other creative practitioners to create custom pieces and installations for public spaces, corporate environments, exhibitions and private homes. Her work attempts to raise a conversation and connection between waste, consumption and the environment.
Wescover creator since 2020

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