Arnaud Liard

Paris, France

Coming from the Parisian graffiti scene, Arnaud Liard is a multiple artist, mixing several areas of creation to obtain a surprising result. In a universe of his own, he defies the boundaries between artistic disciplines and offers work as personal as universal. After obtaining a diploma as a letter painter, he devoted himself to the creation of murals in the late 80s, in a graphic approach turned to the letter. In 2001, he founded the collective TRBDSGN (Turbo Design) with graffiti artists Hobz and Onde. Designed as a plastic and graphic research laboratory, the TRBDSGN studio explores the world of design, graphics, and more particularly for Arnaud Liard, painting on canvas. His various researches lead him little by little towards new textures and more figurative subjects, with always, the desire to integrate this so-called "street" aesthetic from which he is born. With the desire to find the appearance of walls that he continues to dress here and there, he coated his canvas cement before applying his pictorial work. Arnaud Liard's works evoke his interest in architecture, the city and his subjects that he has been photographing since his adolescence. Images that serve as a frame for a thousand and one stories when, in his studio in Paris, the artist turns into a director, mixing and remixing his stolen subjects in reconstructed urban landscapes. An eternal explorer, Arnaud Liard goes from the figurative to the abstract according to his inspirations, each time posing a new glance on his immediate environment, at the same time subject, muse, and model.
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