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Armin Nasca

Berlin, Germany

"My name 'Nasca Uno' is an homage to the sacred lines of the Nasca desert in the South of Peru. The first South American Graffiti for the gods."

"Nasca Uno" alias Armin E. Mendocilla is a painter, illustrator and visual artist born in Germany to a Peruvian/German family. Currently, he can be found living in Berlin, the heart of the German art scene. His career began as a Graffiti artist in Munich, the city where he was born. In his paintings, Nasca seeks to express the passion he has for the mysteries of his land Peru, with its diverse cultures, flora, fauna, rituals and even current problems. Nasca's work captivates with their attention to detail paired with abstract, realistic and surrealistic influences. From his connection between past and present, traditional and modern, a vivid mixture of South American and European influences is rising up, carefully crafted and constantly developing.

His wall paintings can be found all over the planet as of course in Peru and Germany, Cuba, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and many more.
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