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Armand Vaillancourt - Public Sculptures and Sculptures
Armand Vaillancourt
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Armand Vaillancourt

Montreal, Canada

"Endearingly referred by some as "the art world's Bono, but with better hair,"" Vallaincourt is a verified art star. Vaillancourt grew up in the country outside Quebec as the 16th of 17 children in a poor mining family. That all went to hell when the mines closed up and the Vaillancourt clan moved out to a farm. Armand had good times out there, and that experience gave him a love for nature and for hippy-dippy community values. After World War II, Vaillancourt went on a walkabout through North America to see what was out there. He visited museums and factories throughout the continent, trying to get a real-life Kerouac style adventure before heading off to college. Instead, all he got was a lesson about social injustice that informed both his activism and artistic inclinations for the rest of his life.

As a sculptor, Vaillancourt has been something of a visionary. Utilizing found objects to help the world see the beauty in everything from dead trees to garbage, he's also been an innovator. Like when he originated the use of styrofoam to cast bronze sculptures. For real, if molten bronze won't destroy that stuff then it shouldn't go in landfills or the ocean either. Just saying."