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Arlin - Murals and Art
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San Francisco, CA

Twenty-eight-year-old Arlin holds a degree in design, and began his career in 2000, doing graffiti in Tatuí, a small town in the state of São Paulo.

Having worked as an art director in São Paulo advertising agencies, Arlin began combining graphic design and graffiti in 2010. His unique artistic style quickly emerged, a form of deconstruction based on the architecture of large cities, developing abstract creations with technological characteristics. His work soon evolved to focus on fine arts.

Arlin used his experience of painting on the streets and the opportunity to experiment with new media, to assemble figurative forms, especially of animals, designed with the agglomeration of fragments from his abstract work. He has managed to create a very distinctive, architectural style, resulting in a kind of synthetic and fragmented aesthetic that explores the influence of technology and the modern world in his paintings.