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Antwan Horfee - Street Murals and Public Art
Antwan Horfee
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Antwan Horfee

Paris, France

"Horfée is a French street artist whose drawings, murals, object making, and paintings explore the creative methods of spontaneity and experimentation that have made his eccentric graffiti and studio work internationally recognized in Europe and abroad.

Horfée was born in Paris and has lived in the capital city of France for 27 years. As a child, he actually did not draw that much until he had an accident and had to stay in a chair for three whole months. During that time, Horfée started adorning his nickname, drawing stuff around it, just for passing time. At the time, he also watched a lot of documentaries about American graffiti artists – and before he knew it, he was “hooked” on art. Even though Horfée quit school very early, but entered a fine art school in Paris, where he was very bored by rich kids and their exotic activity in a studio."