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Anthea Missy

Brussels, Belgium

Anthea Missy is a French-born self-taught street artist currently living in Brussels. In 2014, she started exploring painting full time after she obtained a masters’ degree in business administration. Since then, she has been combining her two greatest passions: traveling and creating. The mix allows the two to blend and recharge each other. Missy’s art is underlined by her personal motto of Come as you are, a simple spiritual approach to life. It heavily reflects itself on both her personal style and the way she treats her work upon its completion. Keeping that in mind, Anthea sets to create street art atmospheres rather than send explicit and direct messages. She aims to portray the character of a certain location.

She defines herself as imaginative, realistic, enthusiastic, resilient, independent, progressive, people-lover, innovative, minimalistic, cohesive.

A straight forward thinker, who can read through massive amounts of information and extract the essential, ability to sense the future and project in immediate and long term perspectives, systemic approach with tree approach,and excellent strategic, planning, and coordination skills with high ability to manage projects and optimize resources combined with comprehensive considerations (realistic, human and emotional integrated, profitable) - long term vision and reactivity to short term must-do's in order to conduct the long term life of a company, the experience of a customer, well-being of a team.

She's not only doing her art on a big wall but also sharing the love with the people which makes an intense adventure for her.
Wescover creator since 2019

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