Annemarije Glastra Ceramics

Bilthoven, Netherlands

"Unique handmade ceramics, inspired by architecture, scandinavia and natural beauty."
Annemarije Glastra Ceramics is a Dutch ceramics studio. I recently found out that getting my hands dirty while creating something beautiful from a pile of mud is strangely very comforting. Potting is a wonderful skill where I can combine my head, heart and hands. I feel totally relaxed while sitting behind the potters wheel and aim to create useful items that are easy on the eye and fit well in everyday life. I have an architectural background, spent many years living in Norway and am a big nature lover; I expect you’ll see this back in my designs. I see beauty in the raw stoneware claybodies I use and want you to see and feel it too. Hence I leave surfaces unglazed so they're very tactile and invite you to interact with the piece. Whether it's a tea mug snug in your hands or a candle stick holder you just can't withstand to touch.

Because of this love of nature, my kiln and potter’s wheel are powered by 100% Dutch windpower and all my leftover clay gets recycled to make new things, nothing goes to waste.
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