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Annemarie Rawlinson - Art
Annemarie Rawlinson
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Annemarie Rawlinson

Los Angeles, CA

“Annemarie Rawlinson has traveled the world many times over and has seen things that have inspired her and her art. Specializing in creating labyrinths in arts, works created using found objects, oil and ceramics, custom paintings of animals and pets, Ms. Rawlinson enjoys life to the fullest through her work. Her art has been exhibited in galleries and museums.

Ms. Rawlinson earned an associate degree in fine art from El Camino College, graduating summa cum laude. She worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa between 1967 to 1977, and in that time received an education unlike any other in the world. This education was earned through the different cultures and places she came into contact as a world traveler.

Ms. Rawlinson currently maintains a studio at the ‘Loft’ in San Pedro, California. She founded the Losa Angeles Assemblage Group in 1995. With her company Labyrinthia, she specializes in building labrinyths in public and private places, such as community gardens.”

Annemarie Rawlinson was born in Austria in 1941.