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Anna Wolfson Studios - Pendants and Wall Treatments
Anna Wolfson Studios
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Anna Wolfson Studios

Chicago, IL

“Designer and artist Anna Wolfson defines herself as both a natural builder and a practitioner of wabi-sabi. The former refers to her dedication to using locally available, minimally processed materials like clay, straw and wood to create one-of-a-kind wallcoverings, light fixtures and furnishings. The latter concerns her embrace of the Japanese aesthetic that encourages, among other things, the acceptance of imperfection. “The materials I work with have characteristics that I can’t overcome so I appreciate the uniqueness of each thing for what it is,” she says. A Chicago native, Wolfson claims her clay plaster wallcovering techniques are one way she engages architects and designers in her philosophy. “The texture is unparalleled and the way it catches the light turns any space into an artwork,” says the artist, who is currently fabricating light fixtures for the ENO wine bars in San Francisco and in Washington, D.C. “They are large hanging sculptures made from the staves of salvaged wine barrels.” Like all her work, these objects, charred on one side for an ebony effect, allow the uniqueness of the material to come through.”