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Anna De Matos

Stockholm, Sweden

Anna is a Swedish artist, who works in Stockholm, with strong family ties to Spain and Venezuela. In addition to being an artist, she is a language teacher with both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Spanish, and a text editor at one of Sweden's most well-known educational publishers.

Anna is a self-taught artist and has painted all her life. When she was younger, she painted much more figuratively, preferably women portraits. But over the years, her art has become more and more abstract, mainly because of her passion for home decor, as she finds that abstract art looks particularly well in beautiful home environments. But she has not completely let go of the figurative, her works often contain silhouettes of women, women's bodies and landscapes.

Her art is also characterized by layers of color and texture, with irregular brush strokes created with tools such as fabric pieces, sponges, spatulas and brushes. She likes to use strong colors in the foundations of her paintings, but rarely lets more than one or two colors dominate the top layers.

Since the summer of 2018, Anna has devoted more time to the art and to showcasing it in different ways. Since then she runs the instagram account "@nancymaj" and she exhibits her paintings in different contexts. But she is also involved in ”the art” in other ways. For example, she has an ambition to eventually represent other self-taught and emerging artists on her online gallery "Nancymaj" (Please visit: She has also created the app "Insitu" (Please visit: for Android and Iphone, which allows artists, photographers and stylists, etc., to add their creations to different room environments, so that customers can create an idea of how these creations would look on the wall in different types of rooms.
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