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Ann Preston - Sculptures and Art
Ann Preston
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Ann Preston

Santa Clarita, CA

"Like many people, I have been concerned about our globe and culture. Our world seems frighteningly complex, fragile, splintered and angry, teetering on the edge of dissolution. Similarly, I am facing the consequences of my own aging. Yet, I still find I am drawn to this exquisite complexity and vitality, and wish to engage.

My own practice has been quite varied over the years, originating in fragile, temporary installations, and continuing through both abstract and figurative works. At present I am working with abstract, mathematically structured forms which seem to provide a formal foundation for the dichotomies which concern me. For the future, I am sketching follies (small, functionless sculptures that you can enter), a solar power plant, tombs, sculpture, some large “Meteors”, and an effort to organize long-term care of contemporary artist’s catalogues."