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Anitya Fantôme - Paintings and Art
Anitya Fantôme
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Anitya Fantôme

Miami, FL

"After design background, Fan moved to Miami in 2013 for his graduate studies in Art Management. During his studies, he worked at a local contemporary Asian gallery, Art Lexïng Gallery, in the Design District. The artists from that gallery, especially influenced his future painting with their concepts of color, form and other elements leading to Fan’s artistic expression with tattoo elements. The painting process for Fan becomes a powerful tool for the artist to express the human internal organs by exposing the skeleton for all to see. While people tend to look outside of themselves, he views the skeleton, which is an internal component, as a representation of the impermanence of living beings. Fan agrees with the Buddhist view that human bodies are composed of the four elements of fire, water, air and earth and that our bodies are a confluence of these elements, constituting a person. Fan uses the fundamental composition of painting to make that point."