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Anisa Asakawa

Portland, OR

"Colorful, contemporary paintings for explorers and nature-lovers"
Figurative & Landscape Artist Based in Portland, Oregon. I lay bold brushstrokes down on canvas that evoke the imagination of rainbow people like you who crave connection and inspiration in their daily lives and are ready to surround themselves in the art that invigorates the mind, body, and soul.
Let me tell you about my journey:
Born in Hawaii’s cultural melting pot, daughter of a Malaysian botanist and a Texan forester, a life defined by multiracial/multicultural experience and a reverence for Mother Nature runs through my veins. My parents’ wanderlust allowed me to travel and live all over the world throughout my childhood and have a wide range of cultural & racial exposure that formed me as a woman and an artist.
From tracking the Rafflesia, a giant carnivorous flower in the jungle of Borneo, to pursuing my BFA in the concrete jungle of St. Louis, dualisms have always been a theme in my life, and come up in my art as well.
Straddling the line between Asian and Caucasian (Hapa as they say in Hawaii), the youthfulness & serenity of womanhood, somewhere between playfulness and seriousness, focusing both on representation and abstraction, is where my style lives.
Like magma moving through underground lava tubes in Hawaii, I liberally use warm tones as my underpainting color, infusing my work with passion and a heart that beats to the rhythm of Mother Nature.
Wescover creator since 2020

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