AngleWood - Tables and Furniture
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Toronto, Canada

I love wood. I also love designing and building really cool stuff. Nothing excites me more then not knowing how to make something. I get bored quickly too, and that keeps me creating new designs on a regular basis. Almost as soon as I got into woodworking I got into metal working. Very quickly welding became just as fun as woodworking and perhaps even more so as it gave me a chance to create pretty much anything I wanted. Topping it off with a beautiful slab of local Ontario wood, completes the full picture.
We started in early 2016 when my family abounded our dream to move to BC so I can start a woodworking business in Toronto. I wasn’t sure where to start, so, I just started. One table a time. In the beginning it felt like nothing but problems and mistakes, but still a lot of fun! But somehow things got easier, my stockpile of wood bigger and we moved out of a garage into a real shop in march 2017.
Currently we are operating out of a 10,000 sq. feet shop in North York, ON. I’m no longer by myself, with a great team helping with woodworking and metal. Most of our wood, we buy by the log and then mill and dry ourselves - giving us control of the quality and lower prices, which is then passed onto customers. Our specialty is our metal legs and bases. We pride on using local wood and building everything here, in Canada. Give us a visit at our showroom, or visit our site: