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It all started on a golden fall day in Minnesota. Bike riding around one of the 10,000+ lakes, wondering what happens to all that outdoor furniture sitting on peoples porches, in their yards, on the shore of the lakes, at their cabins, on their boats and up north during the inevitable upcoming winter of snow and 40 below temps. Some folks will cover them and leave them in place. Some will stack and store in the garage or shed and some just leave them out to weather and get dirty. ​

Then realized we aren’t alone in this. What about all those folks in tornado and hurricane alley? What do they do every time a Tom, Dick or Harry comes (whatever the name the most recent hurricane is)? What about furniture for restaurants and resorts, cruise ships and event centers? Realized there might be a better solution for furniture there too! ​ ​

All of that led to angelboo ​​being born. Well, actually Angel and Boo are the nicknames of my twins and they were born a couple of decades ago. The twins turned out to be sweet, smart and sensitive and the furniture version of angelboo turned out to be​​ Comfortable, Sustainable, Indoor/Outdoor Furniture that Folds Flat, arrives Fully Assembled and is Made in the USA.​
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