Anett Henriksen

Drammen, Norway

I grew up in a home that smelled of turpentine from my mother's porcelain paint. At family dinners, it was always a tradition to consider my mother's aunt's last landscape painting before sitting down to a table. In other words, art came into my life early.

Nevertheless, it was a sports dance that became my first artistic expression, with eventually good placements as Norwegian champion and final place in the European Championships and the World Championships as a 17-year-old.

I myself took up visual arts in adulthood, first with my mother as a mentor. Later, I studied with artist and sculptor Stojan Minev ( ) from 2012-2014.

My expressions on canvas are always abstract with clear elements related to nature. Natural shapes and colors create emotions that can be reminiscent of wood, metal, earth and other elements. Nature is an eternal inspiration to me.

The inner process I go through while painting is reflected in the picture. The combination of meticulous detail and impatient brush strokes makes the finished work dynamic and consists of several elements that reflect me as a person.

I paint in layers and painting must always "vote" inside me before it's done. My sensitivity would like to "feel" when this is right, and I am in the process of each painting until the harmony and flow of the image are in place.

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