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Wood Vibe Tribe

Duncan, Canada

"Handmade wooden art installations using only natural woods as texture and colour, No stains, no paints, no lasers. Featuring Artwork by Andy Willow WoodSmith, Christopher James Boux, & Kyle Vibes"
Wood Vibe Tribe,

3 full time artists and 4 part time artists make up the current, but ever evolving wood vibe tribe. This team has honed and developed a technique for wood artistry that blends different known crafts, in a unique and exciting form. they blend carving and intarsia, with other woodworking skills. And have even begun large installation work, involving 3d software design, unique framework and smallscale prototyping. Working as a team, all members have influenced and shifted the process to what it is today, and this cooperation in craft has elevated these artists quickly in the ranks.
Wescover creator since 2020

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