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Andy Herod - Murals and Wall Hangings
Andy Herod
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Andy Herod

Asheville, NC

I reinterpret haunted projections from invisible realms that are every bit as real as the one we currently inhabit. My goal is to share understanding between parallel dimensions in order to unite the multiverse against the big nothing. Join me in this noble quest!


I'm Andy Herod. I am an artist and musician living in Asheville NC. Thanks for dropping in!

I am a self-taught painter, illustrator, printmaker, and musician from the USA. Always learning and always up for new challenges, I'm inspired by coffee, community, and the promise of a great adventure. And of course, animals.

I use a mixed media approach that has included but never limited to Screen printing, acrylics, aerosol stencils, gouache, watercolor, woodworking, and drawing.

As my life evolves so will my process. After all, it's really just one big art project. Thank you for stopping by!