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Andrew Rouse Ceramics

Beacon, NY

Coaxed from a single ball of porcelain clay, each creation by Andrew Rouse is an expression of the human hand: the artist’s, as it forms a unique work of art using the most ancient of pottery techniques—and yours, as it naturally cradles a finished piece.

Before the introduction of the potter’s wheel, pot-making was the outcome of the artful manipulation of clay into an object of utilitarian beauty. The heir to this “pinch-pot” technique, Andrew Rouse refines the process to create objects of rare appeal through a high level of craftsmanship that retains evidence of the artist’s hand: with each black bowl, for example, the exterior is left unglazed, literally revealing the artist’s imprint. Andrew Rouse uses glazes in distinctive ways on the exceptionally thin, organic forms: as an accent as well as a feature. Some pots simply have a rim of color, whereas in others color is used more boldly, coating the entire internal surface, creating contrast with the black unglazed exterior.

A master craftsman and veteran furniture designer/maker, Andrew Rouse was born and raised in the United Kingdom where he earned a BA Honors Degree in Three Dimensional Design. He later created an original line of furniture that received national and international press, with showroom representation in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.
Wescover creator since 2019

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