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Andrew LeMay Cox

Chicago, IL

"As an artist, it’s difficult to look at the cannon of art history and find a point where our work fits in. Studying the methods and techniques of the past affords an outlet to find an original voice. The “unique” is not born from pure genius but is rather borrowed. Just like our memories; they are glorified by our understanding of the present. Even a false memory has a geniality of truth. Only by studying from them is it possible to move forward through the past to help shape our own perception of “beauty.”
It’s not our job as artists to discover something that has never been said before. The goal is to connect with humanity and show them a different way of looking at an already familiar concept. There is a language to finding it, a mythology that acts as a moral compass. Though there are many directions to go, you recognize “beauty” wherever it leads you."
Wescover creator since 2018

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What is your favorite material to work with?

"I find acrylic paints frustrating. They lack a richness in pigment and are very limited with the time given to you."
Andrew LeMay CoxAndrew LeMay Cox

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"To induce a sense of serendipity that voids the realities of modern social systems."
Andrew LeMay CoxAndrew LeMay Cox

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