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Andrew Kay

Perth, Australia

"The natural environment has been the source for many of my sculptures, the abundance of forms and colours that are found in nature provide for me a world of constant discovery. The natural environment also offers an opportunity for recreation, a place to reflect and unwind from our hectic live’s, it is this mix of the wonder of nature and its calming presence that I wish to explore in my artwork."
The main focus of my art practice is centred around the relationship between concept, image and form, and the requirement to express within the artwork themes that engage the viewer, stimulate conversation and create artworks that possess a distinct personality.
The natural environment has been the main source of inspiration for my sculpture. In 1979 I moved to live in Australia, there I found it to be a land filled with stories both ancient and modern, a country of unique animals with a beautiful harsh dry desert interior, surrounded by a magnificent coastal fringe. It is living within this exceptional environment that has maintained and informed my art practice.
While studying at Manchester Polytechnic I became interested in bronze casting and later built a bronze casting facility at my studio in Perth, where the transmutation of base metal into art objects has never ceased to fascinate me. I have recently become interested in creating coloured glass that I incorporate into my metal sculpture.
Wescover creator since 2020

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