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Andreas Welin - Street Murals and Public Art
Andreas Welin
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Andreas Welin

Sønderborg, Denmark

"I was born in 1993 and raised in Sønderborg. Since 2011 I have had a great passion for graffiti art, street art and street art.

I adorn large walls/gables for businesses and private. Everything from facades, trucks, private homes, offices to offices, etc.

I specialize in unique wall decoration in large sizes and make ordering work in Denmark and abroad for institutions, companies and private individuals. Everything from facades, trucks, private homes, offices to offices and much more.

I get inspiration from what's happening in society and like to blend the graffiti with traditional art and give it a different expression, so I stand out.

In 2015, I took three months to the New York Bronx, which is the graffiti's place of origin to push some boundaries and challenge myself. In New York, I worked with different crews during the three months, got different tasks for stores and performed graffiti at approx. 30 walls. Jyske Vestkysten Sønderborg section has written an article about the trip and has also been interviewed to Sønderborg Nyyt

I have been at Sønderjyllands Kunstskole for a year.

I have been involved in decorating with graffiti at several festivals in Denmark. Blue. Roskilde festival from 2012-2017"