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Andre Gonzaga Dalata - Street Murals and Murals
Andre Gonzaga Dalata
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Andre Gonzaga Dalata


Born and raised in Belo Horizonte, André Muniz Gonzaga (Dalata), has worked in graffiti since 1997. Known in both Brazil and the world, the artist has stints in Amsterdam, Berlin, Senegal, California and other parts of the globe.

His work is a cocktail of abstraction and surrealism in a mix of varied techniques. Strolling through painting, drawing and sculpture, the artist creates a world of his own focused on positivity. Dalata portrays life in a place not far away, where mutant beings naturally bring out scenarios and characters from a playful universe in a game of thinking forms in the so-called bizarre passionate style.

The artist is also recognized for his work on uneven surfaces. In his project “I see things” he intervenes in degraded places, interacting with the nature of the environment, by exploring the stains, molds, cracks and any kind of deformation that the site has to offer. The multitude of interpretations in his work, which opens the door to a dialogue between art and the public, is one of the hallmarks of his work.

In 2009, he participated in an important Festival of the Street Art scene in the world: R.U.A Festival, held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.