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Anda Who Paints Love

Riga, Latvia

My name is Anda Bieza. I am an artist from Latvia.

How did I start paint?
A scene from my childhood comes to mind. My grandmother and I are sitting at the table and she's teaching me how to draw flowers. Grandma was the person who told me how bees, bunnies, and a boy and a girl fall in love. How they get a baby. I remember that with a smile.
During my childhood and adolescence, I also attended specialized art schools, but the twists and turns of life took me the other way. One could even say the hard business path, where a woman has to become domineering and quite masculine to achieve good results. Looking back on this path, I am grateful for it. I am grateful for the experience, knowledge and for the understanding that I want to be feminine woman, who shows the world her heart.
Despite the various influences from the outside world, I have always known that the most important thing in the world is love. Without it, there would be nothing. It wouldn't be us.
I'm really not one of those artists who talks about economics or politics. I would like to talk about love and how strong are persons who have love in hearts. I want to speak about how important it is to stop, look into the eyes of people close to you. Give a smile to strangers and make their day better.
This is one of my drivers for painting - love and smile. Be able to give a smile to each other, even when you don't want to smile at the time. I like to see people's sparkling eyes when they look at my painting. This is the moment my heart beats faster and I realize I'm in the right place. This is my source of inspiration.
After a long break, the colors came back to me, when I was 42 years young. It was a moment in my heart, when I felt very lonely and lost. Love was hidden somewhere deep in me. I had only a small ray of hope, although from a material point of view I had everything. Many call me a fighter. However, also a fighter needs support to be able to inspire others.
I found support in colors. I painted day and night. Colors literally cured me and still do it in difficult times. I'm excited about every brush stroke, for every painting that is made. It heals my heart and soul. I believe that my painting heals the person who obtains it also. Every painting is like a conversation to myself. Deep meditation, trance. When I finish a painting, I look at it with surprised eyes and I am happy to have been given such an opportunity to portray my soul's poetry in color. I live my desire to travel in the paintings. Unfortunately, I have a small phobia - fear traveling alone. I will definitely overcome it. Meantime, I am traveling in my paintings. These trips are fabulous. With a few brush strokes, I can be anywhere in the world.
What is my potential?
As I wrote before I want to give and show love. I want people to see that at any age we can achieve a great deal. Yes, we need to work hard on it. :) We can heal our own wounds and help others to heal theirs. I want to bring to people, the seemingly banal thing - LOVE. It is the most important and incredible wonder of the world. A miracle that gives us the strength to live.
Someone dear to me, not so long ago, made me understand that without love people can't live. He asked me: “If you had to say in just 3 words, to a 3 year old child, what you are doing. What would you say?” I thought briefly. Then I smiled and responded: "Anda, who paints love."
That is why I wish everyone, including myself, to open our hearts and let love come inside. To love and be loved.

With the best wishes,
Anda, who paints love
Wescover creator since 2020

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